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1. Select a Panel Background ...
The Presentation Designer allows you to: Select a background color or style or, Import your own photos or images for each panel in your presentation. 
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3. Link to Live Data Objects...
Vantage Point presentations can bring in live point values from most popular Building Management Systems.  Values displayed are updated in real time. Point values can be brought in from any combination of: BACnet IP objects ModbusTCP or RTU registers SNMP objects Andover Continuum point objects Http Web Services
The built-in Presentation Designer allows you to create custom displays... tailored to your specific application. Select and combine display components: Bar/Level Gauges Dynamic Text Angular Gauges Bar or Line Graphs ... and more
2. Add in Gauges, Text, Graphs ...
The Vantage Point Presentation Designer allows you to easily create custom dashboard displays with just a few steps.
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4. Display Your Results ...
Vantage Point will automatically cylce through each of the Panels in your Presentation. Live system values are updated automatically.  
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