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Point Manager

Note: You will need to know the IP Address or Host Name of the Vantage Point Server and the names of the data points you are going to use.

The Point Manager is used to make a connection to a Vantage Point Server. You can access it from the View menu at any time or from within the Behavior Properties of an object that allows a connection. From the View menu, you can add or delete a connection to a Display Server and reassign links. From the Behavior Properties of an object that allows a connection, you can also create a link between the object and a particular point of data available from the connection.

Connecting to a Vantage Point Server

To create a new connection to a Vantage Point Server, simply enter into the Register New Server text box the server's IP address or, if it is located on the same local network, its host name. Once you have entered a location, press the Plus button or hit Enter. A running presentation will use this connection when attempting to pull the necessary data from the Vantage Point Server and so the computer running that presentation will need to have the same kind of access as the computer from which you are creating the presentation. If you have previously created a connection to a Display Server, it will be available for use in the Available Servers list. Simply click on it to select it.

Disconnecting from a Vantage Point Server

To disconnect from a connected Vantage Point Server, click on the machine in the Available Server list and then click on the Disconnect button. If you have already links between objects and data points, you will receive a warning that will allow you to cancel the disconnect, reassign those links before disconnecting, or disconnect without reassigning those links, breaking the links in the process.

Linking to a Data Point in a Vantage Point Server

In order to link to a data point with an object, you must access the Point Manager from within Behavior Properties of that object. Do this by clicking on the red Link icon. From the list of Available Servers, select the Display Server that has the data point you want to link to the object. The list of data points retrievable from that server will appear under Data Points. Find the specific one you want, using the scroll bar if necessary, and then click on the Confirm button.

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